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It can be a daunting journey for independent artists who want to get their music played on the radio. For an artist to even be considered by a Program Director at a big station, a tremendous amount of other activity must be going on. For instance, the artist may have had huge success at one of the lower formats (AAA or College); or the artist might have had their music used in a TV commercial or film, and it all goes so well, that other stations pick up on it.

How to get radio playGetting radio airplay is incredibly competitive, and when it comes to large terrestrial radio play in major radio markets, getting on the playlist may be extremely difficult for artists without a major record label, if not impossible.

That’s all changing, and Beach 104.5 is leading the way. In an effort to help independent artists share their music with a large audience, they have opened their airwaves to unsigned artists, now making them one of the top radio stations that play independent artists. Offering music from a wide range of genres, Beach 104.5 is often considered as one of the foremost radio stations, and now that they have opened their doors to independent artists, there has never been a better time to submit music for radio play. Needless to say, radio exposure can even the playing field with major artists, and this station is offering this excellent opportunity for unsigned, independent artists.

Beach 104.5 assures some primetime slots for unsigned artists where the artists will be played right alongside major artists. And for added exposure, when the artist’s song plays, Beach 104.5 will also tweet the song on their official Twitter Account and post on the their official Facebook Page.. This is an opportunity that was previously open to only signed artists so if you are an unsigned artist, this is quite an opportunity.

Beach 104.5 has always been the station of choice for people who like to hear good-feeling music to get them through the day. With hundreds thousands of listeners, this radio station is the perfect outlet to get heard by a very big audience. Some genres of music that Beach 104.5 offers is pop, country, rock, and some urban.

The simplest way to send music to the station is to go , and click on ‘Get Radio Play’. You must ensure that the song is radio quality, meaning mixed and mastered properly, as well as censored swear words. When you are ready to submit music for radio play, also be sure to send the Track Artist, Song Title, and a high quality square album cover image. If you would like to be tweeted when the song plays, also send your twitter username. No additional information is needed to be posted on facebook.

How to get radio play